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General FAQ's

Agent/Broker/Producer FAQ's

What exactly does K&K do?

K&K is a managing general agent (MGA) for several different insurance Companies. As an MGA, K&K is responsible for actually processing your policy and handling any changes you might need, collecting the premium and generally underwriting the risks submitted to us for the programs we offer. K&K offers insurance programs for the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries throughout Canada. What do we mean by Sports, Leisure and Entertainment? We mean: sports teams, leagues and associations, racing activities, and general sports competitions; leisure activities like mountaineering and camping; entertainment activities like gambling, bingo, fairs, festivals and other special events and activities. If it is fun, we probably insure it.


In what provinces is K&K able to business transact?

K&K is licensed to transact business in all ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

Where can I get more information about the programs K&K offers?

There are several ways to find out more about K&K. You can check out the individual programs listed on this web site. Further, you can print the specialty applications for each program on this site. And finally, you can also contact one of the representatives here at K&K. They can provide you information about the programs offered, and/or connect you to the appropriate person handling the programs in which you are interested.

Where is K&K located?

Our lead office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. K&K Canada is located in Mississauga, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia..

How quick can K&K provide me with a quote?

A good and preferred submission time frame would be at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date you need to quote.

Depending on the type of risk, and how complete the application and supporting underwriting information is, K&K takes pride in its ability to meet most requested quote dates.

As a new broker to K&K, are there any volume commitments that I have to agree to in order to write business with you?

No. We do not require that brokers working with us make any promises of how much business they will bring to us. We look forward to working with you whether you have one account or hundreds. If you are a new broker to K&K Canada, please provide us with a Broker Data Form and a copy of your Errors and Omissions Policy. Please <click here> for a Broker Data Form.

What commissions do you pay?

Commission rates may vary with each program. It is best that you discuss this with the K&K representative handling the particular program for the risk/account.

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What types of risks does K&K prefer to write?

K&K specializes in risks associated with the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment industries. We offer a variety of coverages which may include: General Liability with Property, Crime, Liquor and Participant Accident.

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Does K&K only work with brokers?

Yes, for the most part. Over 95% of all the business we write is brought to us by brokers. Motorsports is the only industry sector where we will consider working directly with the insured. It is best to contact the specific K&K representative handling a specific program to discuss this issue.

Request a Certificate/Additional Insured

If you currently have coverage that was purchased online:

You may create additional certificates of insurance on your own by doing the following:  Enter your login information in the left margin of this page, find the desired policy under "Coverages Purchased", then click on the Add link.  Complete the fields required and click the "Add Certificate" button. After you have completed all your requests, click "Continue" and your      certificate(s) will be generated IMMEDIATELY.  A copy of your certificate(s) will be added to your "View My Account" area and a copy will be emailed to your registration email.

If you purchased coverage online, but need special certificate wording, click on the ONLINE Certificate Request Form (email) link below.

ONLINE Certificate Request Form (email)

Policy Change

If you currently have coverage purchased online, you may use the ONLINE Policy Change Request Form (email) below to request a change to your existing coverage.

ONLINE Policy Change Request Form (email)

Your request will begin to be processed as soon as possible on the next business date (M-F, 8-5 EST).  Please allow 10 business days for processing.  If you need your certificate sooner, please let us know on your request and we will make every effort to meet your needs.